“mourning glories”

today, i'm sharing the one and only poem i've been able to finish all year. i haven't found much inspiration around me, recently. i haven't felt in love, terribly depressed, filled with joy, or really anything. i've been a bit numb this year. each year i hope is "the year" i find happiness and get [...]

boundaries for mental health

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash in the last couple of years, i’ve learned SO MUCH about boundaries and the importance of having them. boundaries in my relationships of all types (lovers, friendships, work life, etc.) have helped me grow immensely and kept my mental state healthy.  so, what are boundaries? does that word scare [...]

mental health awareness month

Photo by Camila Quintero Franco on Unsplash Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash I was going to start this post with statistics and facts about mental illnesses in the US, but decided not to. I figured you could easily look that up yourself and the only reason I was planning on it was to prove to everyone that mental illness is [...]

site rebrand: bitter moon

Mindfully Rachel REBRAND to bitter moon  the name bitter moon comes from a poem in my recently released book. “bitter moon” can be interpreted in many ways, depending on what the reader needs most from it. it’s one of my favorite poems as it rips deep into my heart, i describe my heartbreak both romantically [...]

❦ about my book ❦

i officially announced a few weeks ago that i'm publishing my first poetry book! naturally, in the middle of this stressful adventure, i wanted to write about it for you guys. and for myself, let out all the stress and remember how excited i am. the book is titled "inside her mind, inside her heart". [...]

✿May Intentions✿

Happy May, we survived April! Now we get to conquer a new month, with new goals. May is Mental Health Awareness Month☻Perfect time to focus on bettering and taking care of ourselves! I’ve written out my intentions for the month and will display it by my desk as a reminder every day. I don’t do [...]

Night Time Routine☾

  As I mentioned in my morning routine, sleep is SO important to me. And it should be to absolutely everyone. Sleep heals the mind and body, acting as a daily reset. About a year ago, I started experiencing conditioned insomnia, and accidentally trained my body to dread bed time. I wasn’t sleeping well for the [...]

she surrenders

i have surrendered to what ever life has in store for me. i have been through some of the hardest things i hope to ever have to go through already in my 20 years of life. i have lived in fear of what is to come next for too long. and recently, i think i [...]