about me

welcome to bitter moon wellness! a brand dedicated to honoring all things that make us who we are, the bitter and the sweet. being our happiest, healthiest selves doesn’t always look happy or healthy. it’s a journey that we will go through our entire lives, so here’s to trusting the universe and celebrating every inch of who we are.

a few facts about me:)

  • i’m 22 years old, i’m a full time student while also working full time.
  • i’m a published poetry author to my first book “inside her mind, inside her heart”.
  • my dream job is to be a holistic wellness coach and to continue writing.
  • i am a very emotional Pisces.
  • i like: coffee with lots of creamer, sleeping, hiking, being in love, pasta and tacos, checkered vans, chrysanthemums and pink roses, the sound of rain, wearing the color grey.
  • i dislike: overcrowded cities, machinery submerged in water, bugs, bad acting, discrimination, a boring book, unwanted notifications, water chestnuts.
  • i deal with anxiety, depression, and ptsd daily.

love always,