10 self care tips for better health

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self care isn’t just dancing around your room alone to SZA’s album, ctrl, with a face mask on (although that is very important, too). self care is really, deeply taking care of yourself and without it, we can lean into bad habits, negativity, and sadness. 

here are my favorite forms of self care!

  1. alone time: i am huge on alone time. i’m a big time empath, which means i absorb everyone else’s energy and emotions.. this is the reason i cry at literally anything on tv or in a movie. this is also the reason alone time is so important to me, it’s how i recharge and get all my own energy back. it’s how i ground myself, back to the present moment and remind myself that everything is okay.
  2. exercise: i’ve said it before and i’m saying it again.. movement is vital to your health!! get your body moving. dance, lift weights, go for a walk (the other day i just walked up and down my stairs a bunch of times lol), or stand up and stretch a little! your body will thank you for any and every movement you gift it with.
  3. healthy eating: recently, i’ve been on a salad and smoothie kick and honey, let me tell you.. fueling your body with healthy, nutritious food instead of straight crap, feels amazing! don’t get me wrong, i also had a cheesecake sampler for dessert after the salad i had for dinner! it’s all about balance, baby. read to the end to see my favorite smoothie and salad recipes!
  4. music: when i get really anxious and stressed, my mind won’t shut the hell up. and to think rationally, i need it to shut the hell up. so, i drown it out in loud, obnoxious music.. or as my mom may describe it, “murder music”. ya know, what ever floats your boat or in this case drowns our loud ass mind. maybe, you like a little calmer music, that’s fine too! any music you like, luke bryan, justin timberlake, the beatles.. any music is good for the soul! if you’re wondering what music i gravitate towards: mac miller, mac miller, mac miller. and maybe throw a little $uicideboys, juice wrld, $not, and lil peep.. bam! ya got yourself a killer playlist.
  5. skin care: ahhhh skin care, pampering the largest organ we have (our skin) is one of my favorite things in the world. right now, i’m using Kiehl’s acne skin care line… as i’ve been struggling with facial acne for 2 years now and i’m so over it. but, skin care isn’t just for your face! take a shower, use your favorite lotion , or give yourself a little foot massage at the end of the day; all skin care and all important. so, go to your bathroom and pamper your skin! thank me later. (here is the Kiehl’s acne care i mentioned:https://www.kiehls.com/skincare/acne/?GeoRedirectOff&gclid=CjwKCAjw4871BRAjEiwAbxXi21TydiSkxwAzteL3tzEmdnhC-AnnZB7zbKfMNt9d5vu8B_ANRnj1-RoCvOUQAvD_BwE. and here’s my favorite lotion:https://www.thebodyshop.com/en-us/body/body-butter/shea-body-butter/p/p000019)
  6. communication: oh baby, communication is key! whether you’re talking to your best friend about how much you both love timothee chalamet and your addiction to tik tok or you’re on a zoom call with a therapist, communicating is mad important. keeping feelings, thoughts, and ideas stuck inside our heads can get too overwhelming. you have to let it all out!
  7. journaling: if you don’t like to journal and have actually given it a fair shot, move along. but, i love to journal. we all know i have trouble with letting out all of my feelings, so that’s why i journal. recently, i’ve been spending time with myself in the mornings before logging on to work and that’s when i get my journal out! i’ll go on my bible app and read the verse and passage of the day and write about how it makes me feel and write down any prayers i have for my God. then on the next page it’s a free for all, i use affirmations, brain dumps, manifestation techniques, or answer a few prompts. check out the end of this list for some journal prompt ideas!
  8. getting outside: sunshine and fresh air are crucial to your all around health! we get 90% of our bodies vitamin D from the sun. going outside and getting sun helps with your sleeping pattern, soothes emotional and physical pain, and boosts your mood immensely.
  9. being creative: especially at a time like this, being creative should be apart of our daily self care routine! we’re stuck inside, not doing our normal day to day things, our minds are going bonkers! i try to do a puzzle, paint or draw, read a book, or learn something new every day. you gotta use your brain, man.
  10. patience: whether you need to be more patient with yourself, your God and the Universe, or with the people around you.. adding patience to your life is going to save you a lot of stress. lately, i haven’t been very patient with my God and the Universe. i’ve been confused with where i was going in life and what i should be focusing on. once i took a deeeeep breath and remembered to surrender to trust and patience, my path became clear. whatever you’re stressed about, like for example, the world we’re living in right now (full of mind boggling idiots), just take a deep breath, be patient with life, and focus on what you CAN control right now. you can control your reactions, how you handle different situations, and how you take care of yourself. that’s all you can do and that’s all you need to do!

i hope this list has inspired you to take of yourself a little extra today, you deserve it. stay positive, safe, and healthy!

Love always,


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