site rebrand: bitter moon

Mindfully Rachel REBRAND to bitter moon 

the name bitter moon comes from a poem in my recently released book. “bitter moon” can be interpreted in many ways, depending on what the reader needs most from it. it’s one of my favorite poems as it rips deep into my heart, i describe my heartbreak both romantically and in the sense of losing inner peace. as my relationship became bitter sweet, so did the moon. the moon had always been a symbol of peace, comfort and love for me, until i began not sleeping at night with an aching heart and terrible anxiety. while writing bitter moon, i desperately wanted that comfort and love back. i wanted myself and my relationship to get better. i wanted to sleep at night. i wanted my health and happiness back. i wanted to love the moon again. very slowly, that all started to happen. with big realizations and big life changes, things are starting to get better. bitter moon means so much to me, in a literal sense and an emotional one. the simple phrase explains my trauma, mental health, and life to me perfectly. and it’s also a symbol of major growth. that’s why i’ve decided to change my brand to “bitter moon”. thank you for your support. 

“bitter moon, you give me bitter sweet company. i can’t thank you enough for never leaving my side, but my sunshine where did he go. i once basked in the light that shown from his eyes. inspired by every word that grazed his lips and kissed my ears.” -excerpt from my poem ‘bitter moon’.

Photo by Adi Ulici on Unsplash

love always,


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