✿May Intentions✿

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Happy May, we survived April! Now we get to conquer a new month, with new goals. May is Mental Health Awareness Month☻Perfect time to focus on bettering and taking care of ourselves! I’ve written out my intentions for the month and will display it by my desk as a reminder every day. I don’t do this every month, but sometimes I get motivated to! Today, I was motivated by olive.eeeats on Instagram!

A teeny little more in depth of my intentions:

  1. keep up w/ my fitness routine! In April, I managed to move my body in some way, shape, or form every day (besides two.. hey! that’s pretty damn good). My “routine”, that works for me, has been: going to the gym to do cardio and weight lifting Monday-Wednesday (treadmill or bike as cardio and like baby weight lifting okay), Yoga classes Thursday and Friday, and then whatever I want on the weekend! I love long walks/hiking, trying new group classes at my gym, or doing yoga at home.
  2. NO negative self talk♥ I have been really hard on myself lately. Not loving my body or the way my mind thinks. Hating on myself definitely isn’t helping to change either of those things. This month, I want to fall in love with myself! Being kind on myself will help me make the physical and mental changes that I want.
  3. educate myself on sustainability. Okay, so like…. has anyone noticed that… the world is ending??? Just me? Dope. Please, someone reading, make this an intention for yourself too. I’m genuinely afraid of how we’re treating the planet and how it’s reacting. I mean, SCIENTISTS have put an expiration date on Earth! Why does no one care???
  4. trust the universe completely! kind of along the lines of the no negative self talk thing, I really believe putting all my trust into the universe and God will take away lots of my anxiety. I’m too worried about the future right now, like freaking out on the inside everyday worried. But, I know there’s no need for that. God’s probably waving my little life plan that he wrote 20 years ago right in front of my face waiting for me to chill tf out.
  5. deepen my meditation practice♥ I just really want to meditate more and get better at going deeper into my beautiful soul. Simple as that.

I hope this inspired you to focus on yourself tonight, and for the rest of May! Write out your own intentions and share them with me on instagram or my facebook page!

Love always,


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