~Crystals for Mental Health~ and the Full Moon

Tonight is March’s Full Moon, so I was inspired to talk to you about crystals. I use crystals to aid my emotional healing with anxiety, depression, stress, or even to enhance positive feelings when I’m happy. I carry at least one with me, everywhere I go. I have one by my bed. One in my car. I use them during yoga and meditation. I hold them when I’m anxious. I carry them with me when I’m sad or when I’m happy. I give them to my friends as gifts. You name it, brother. I’ve got a crystal for it. 

The Full Moon inspired me to talk about crystals because, I do what I like to call a “full moon ritual” every couple of Full Moons and my crystals are a huge aspect of it. I know.. I’m woo woo af, i’ll share what I do during my ritual at the end of this post.  

~my collection~

How do Crystals work!?

Crystals are those beautiful gemstones that artist make gorgeous jewelry out of. Like, sapphire, ruby, quartz, or jade. But, they’re a lot more than just beautiful. Each one has it’s own healing properties and they hold their very own kind of energy or vibration. (Oof, she’s getting scientific.) Everything on Earth is made of atoms, which are in constant motion or are constantly vibrating! You, me, all of us. We are all vibrating at a different frequency. A higher frequency or higher vibrations are associated with positive feelings. Like happiness, love, forgiveness, peace, etc. A lower frequency or lower vibrations are associated with negative feelings. Like, sadness, greed, hatred, fear, etc. Like I said, each crystal has it’s own vibration. So, when our energy is out of balance in some area of our life, crystals can cause our cells to change and match it’s own energy, causing balance once again. I’ll explain it one more time: A crystal has a good vibration and say I have a bad vibration. If I hold the crystal and carry it around with me, my vibration will eventually match the crystals vibration. Now, I have a good vibration. 

If you still have any questions, please email or message me if you want to understand better! 

Crystals I Use!

IMG_4642Rose Quartz

My absolute favorite♡♡♡ Symbolizes unconditional love and opens your heart to give
and receive love. It’s soothing and calming, I love to hold it tightly when I feel anxious. Rose Quartz reminds me to love myself and that everything is okay even when it doesn’t feel okay. All I need is already within me. I carry one with me at all times. If I need extra self love, I place one near me or hold one tightly as I meditate.


Moon Stone 

A master healer. I keep this crystal in my car or purse when I’m extra anxious. Actually, I keep one in my car at all times, because driving is extremely stressful for me sometimes. I say it “carries my worries” for me, as does the moon when I’m struggling a little harder than usual. It provides a calming energy and soothes your anxiety. It also encourages hopes and dreams. 


The all purpose stone. This crystal is one of the most talked about in the crystal world. It provides clarity in confusing times of your life and strongly relieves feelings of stress. It helps with insomnia, mood swings, and anxiety. It is also known as the traveler’s stone, and can ease your worries when you’re traveling long or short distances. 




My birthstone♡♡♡ Aquamarine gives you courage and the strength to let go. Something I can have a hard time doing. It is soothing and eases your mind when you’re having a difficult time with trust. Whether with yourself or someone else. As well as my birthstone, it’s also the stone on my promise ring, so trust is very fitting. 


There’s a lot more, but those are the few that I use the most. Ugh, they’re so beautiful!


Full Moon Ritual

Full moon’s are great for self-reflecting, ridding of any negativity you’re holding onto, and manifesting your dreams and goals. It’s the most powerful phase of the moon, which is why I choose it to do a whole ritual under. My moon ritual doesn’t involve casting spells or any type of sacrificing, it’s simply a time for me to be with myself, reflect, and manifest what I want in life. The Full Moon reminds us to take the time to take care of ourselves, it’s that simple. Your full moon ritual could literally just be taking a bath, going for a walk, or getting your nails done! 

This is what I will be doing tonight: 

Letting Go: I write down things I want to let go of with this Full moon. I’m not going to list them all here but for example, one thing could be “negative self talk”. Then, under the full moon, I’ll burn the piece of paper (in a fire safe bowl) and then I’ll discard the ashes with the intent of ridding my life of all the things I write. 

Manifesting Positivity: I write down positive things that I want to manifest into my everyday life. Like, the emotional healing from the past year I experienced or my terrible allergy symptoms I have right now. I’ll burn that piece of paper as well, but with the intent of the smoke reaching the moon, being absorbed by her and then coming back to me as she wishes, when the time is right. 

Crystal Cleanse: To actually wash my crystals, I just quickly rinse each crystal under my kitchen faucet and that’s all they need. Then, right after sunset, I will place them outside under the sky and directly on top of the ground, in any formation that feels right. I leave them there over night, to soak up all the moon’s beautiful energy. Once the sun completely rises the next morning, I’ll gather them up and bring them inside and place them on my altar (literally just my bedroom tv stand). For a few of my favorites, as I place them down, I may name one of the things I want to manifest and that dream or goal will become that crystals intention. I don’t do that for all of my crystals/manifestations because it would just be too much, and some don’t fit with any of my crystals and that’s completely okay. I will then thank the universe, Mother Earth, and the moon! 

That’s it! 

Happy Full Moon and Spring Equinox♡♡♡  I hope you enjoyed learning about crystals and my little moon ritual. Have a beautiful night, day, or afternoon. Again, if you have any questions please email or message me. I’m sure I’ll share more about the moon and crystals in the future, as well. 

Love always,


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