20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years

Three days ago, on March 2nd, I turned twenty years old. I am no longer a teenager and have been roaming around Earth for two whole decades. What… the… hell. I’m in my twenties and I have no idea what I’m doing with my life!!! But, that’s okay. Although, I feel lost and like I have no idea what’s going on, I have learned a lot in twenty years. A LOT. I’ve gone through hard times and good times, and going through things is how I grow. And now that I’m a twenty year old blooming sunflower, I’d like to share a few of the things that I’ve learned with you. I hope you take what I say with an open mind and hopefully you learn a little something.
20 year old me
20 year old me
The 20 Things:
1. boys are stupid: and I’m still waiting to figure out at what age they grow up
2. putting yourself first is always the right choice: in the end, you’re all you’ve got and taking care of yourself should be your number one priority
3. everyone is going through their own bullshit, be nice to everyone: you never know the rough things someone else is going though or the real reason they lashed out at you for what seemed like no reason
4. unless they’re racist, that’s just the fucking worst thing you can be
5. spending time alone and getting to know yourself is so important: don’t feel bad for skipping a few parties or gatherings to be cozy in bed with your favorite book at 8pm
6. it’s okay to cry, it’s actually healthy to let it all go every once in awhile: hell I cry every other day and sometimes it’s just because Cassie left Colton on the damn bachelor??? it feels good, okay!
7. communication is key. i’ll say it again, communication. is. key.: just tell your friend why you’re pissed at her or your significant other what they did to hurt your feelings, hiding your thoughts will never help the relationship grow
8. you’re mom…. is right: we get it mom, you made the list
9. don’t save your fancy stuff for “special” occasions. life is the special occasion, celebrate now: it’s Tuesday! you’re alive! eat that fancy German chocolate you’ve been saving
10. staying true to yourself is far more important than trying to fit in or impress people who mean literally nothing in the long run
11. budgeting and saving money is crucial: even if you only save 15% of every paycheck, it’ll add up and you feel better about yourself
12. yoga and meditation are life changing!!!!: please try one of them out, they’re so so good for you and have changed my mindset on my entire life
13. getting good sleep is soooo important to your over all health: focusing on fixing my sleep schedule has been the first step I’ve taken in healing myself, and I can see it working
14. it’s okay to not be okay, most of us aren’t: if you think everyone else is okay and you’re all alone, honey… the whole reason I started this blog was because I AM NOT OKAY and neither is anyone else
15. drinking is overrated: I’ll just leave this here
16. love conquers all, sometimes too much: love is the strongest feeling I’ve ever felt, and it’s the scariest thing to feel that strongly
17. amazon prime is the shit
18. i don’t care what diet you follow, if you want a second serving of pasta, you better eat it! if you don’t, i will!: it’s all about balance, you can be healthy while still being satisfied and happy
19. make yourself go out and get social, at least every once in awhile, i promise you’ll feel better: so, usually I’m in bed before 10pm and cozied up with my book and I’m content with that. But, sometimes I get stuck there and get sad because I’m alone and making myself go out with my friends or boyfriend can really lift my mood 100%
20. taking a break is okay, but pushing yourself to do more is good too: never push yourself too much and always allow down time after a hard bio test or a scary meeting at work, but do your best on that damn test and wow everyone at that meeting!
Love always,

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